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    Emblazon your space and mark your territory with this fantastic 'Open' Neon Sign - Made to Order Neon Sign. This sign will look amazing fixed on a wall or hanging in your window. Choose from our range of brilliant colors and add a beautiful radiant glow to your space. Let your customers know when you're open for business with our acrylic neon-style font open sign! We also offer custom neon signs for home decor and business.

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    Welcome, Open & Closed Neon Signs

    LED neon sign is a kind of professional linear light decoration product. The price of custom neon sign is more affordable than traditional glass neon light. All our neon signs are handmade with environmental protection material, which has good flexibility and longer service life. The product is light, easy to transport, easy to install and maintain. Our Welcome, Open & Closed neon signs are simple and clear, eye-catching, bright and gorgeous with good publicity effect, which is conducive to highlight the name, brand of enterprises.

    What is LED Neon Flex light?

    LED Neon Flex is one of the most versatile commercial lighting products on the market today. LED lighting products are smaller, lighter than old neon lighting. Moreover, this new light source reduces power consumption while delivering significantly greater lighting.

    LED Open Neon Sign VS Traditional Glass Open Neon

    LED open neon are brighter than glass open neon light. They provide uniform, dot-free soft light that is dispersed evenly across your space. LED open neon lights are available in a number of colors like red, yellow, blue, green, neutral white, cool white, and warm white colors. LED open neon light sign is safe for the environment and the public as it doesn’t contain toxic materials like mercury, which is found in glass neon.

    Do I Need an Open LED Neon Light Sign?

    Shine for far, Shine with style. An “Open” neon sign will provide a very special atmosphere to your business. Let the brilliance of LED Neon Sign work for you! LED Neon Flex Lights sure does the trick in capturing immediate attention and in establishing that vibrant, colorful vibe that customers look for in stores! With LuckyNeon signs, you will immediately say goodbye to dull walls and say hello to the good times.

    Do I Need a Closed LED Neon Sign?

    Let your customers know when you're open/closed for business with our acrylic neon-style font closed sign! Add a pop of color with these lovely decorations that stand out no matter where you put them in. Excellent visibility from a long distance! Add this unique LED open sign to your coffee shop, bakery, or bar today!

    Custom Open LED Neon Light Signs from LuckyNeon

    LuckyNeon provides high-quality custom OPEN LED neon signs for business, company, bar, gym, café and so on. Make your own OPEN LED signs with any color you want, or custom OPEN LED neon with your LOGO.