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    LED Neon Signs for Wedding

    Are you currently going through the wedding planning madness, trying to bring to life your dream day? With wedding decorations constantly evolving, you should try something innovative for your special day--Wedding Neon Sign. At LuckyNeon, we can light up your wedding with cool neon signs, making your wedding venue look like a star-studded palace. Neon wedding signs provide that unexpected décor option that modernizes your big-day venue. At LuckyNeon, we have pre-designed wedding neon signs that you can choose from. For example, many couples like to install a neon light right at the entrance of the venue saying, "Just Married" or "Happily Ever After."

    Custom Wedding Neon Signs from LuckyNeon

    Apart from pre-designed wedding neon signs, you can also order customized neon signs for your wedding. We provide an endless range of styles, sizes, and colors that can light up your wedding venue the way you want.

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    All you need is Love
    "All you need is Love" wedding LED Neon Sign is a sure way to make any room a super cool place, shines your room with neon glow, touches your heart by our chic and fun lighting ! After your big day, it will be perfect to fit your interior as a beautiful memory of this unique moments.

    Better Together
    We’re always better when we’re together; "Better Together" is an on-trend LED neon sign for weddings, engagement parties & home decor. Use this crowd favorite at almost any team building function, party or wedding. It’ll positively light up any event.

    Til Death
    "Til Death" wedding neon sign - Light up your wall with a Sketch and Etch led neon sign as the perfect motivational wall art feature! This LED neon sign puts a modern spin on the traditional wedding saying "Til Death". The ultra trendy cursive font and eye catching color makes this portable neon light ideal for weddings, vow renewal ceremonies or as beautiful wall art for your home.

    Drunk in love
    "Drunk in love" wedding neon sign is derived from a famous song by Beyonce. It lights up a wedding party or add the most exquisite ambiance to the ceremony. If you are looking for that extra something to make your special day unforgettable, look no further!

    Happily Ever After
    “Happily Ever After” is a led wedding neon sign that will give a beautiful touch of light to make your special day even more special. Light up your special day and make it the one to remember. After the big day, it will be perfect to fit your interior as a beautiful memory of this unique moment.

    Mr & Mrs Wedding Sign
    Emblazon your space and mark your territory with this fantastic 'Mr&Mrs' Neon Sign. We believe that the ultimate objective to have a grand wedding is to make sure that everyone has a good time. Choose /custom from our range of brilliant colours and add a beautiful radiant glow to your space.

    Sweet Heart Bride & Groom Initials
    Personalize your wedding by adding a neon wedding sign featuring Bride & Groom Initials. This tiny signage shows off your love and can easily be added to your wedding day decor.

    Just Married Lights Sign
    “Just Married” Led neon light is bright and beautiful sign for a very specific occasion. Ideal replacement for traditional wedding decor with bright and vivid colors. No dark spots along the whole length of the light. Perfect for any home, wedding or venue!

    Love Neon Signs for wedding party
    “Love” neon lights light up your home, add romantic with pink led night signs for home decoration. Offers a romantic ambiance in your room, perfect for brides and groom. Neon light signs is an ideal eye catching to your home decor or party, making the simple life more colors and interesting.

    It was all a dream
    “It was all a dream” LED Neon Sign is also the perfect gift for whoever you choose to gift this to, and is perfect for any occasion to do whatever you choose! Make a statement and design the mood in any room with this gorgeous neon sign sure to create the vibe you've always dreamed of!