Neon Size Guide

Your customized neon sign is going to be the brand-new addition in your living / office space but don’t let it get too much or too little limelight. Choose a size that will seamlessly add the neon sign into the overall aesthetic and complement your space.

Please refer to the below images to help you find the size fits your spaces perfectly:

Bedroom Neon Size Guide

Planning to place the neon sign in the bedroom as room decor? Put it above the headboard as a feature wall. Take into account the size of your bed as well when choosing the perfect neon size for your bedroom. We would recommend the neon to be approximately 0.5x – 0.9x the width of your bed. For reference, here are the width of the difference bed sizes in Singapore: Single sized Bed (91cm), Queen sized Bed (152cm), King sized Bed (182cm).

Living Room Neon Size Guide

A neon sign in the living room definitely changes the vibe of the whole space and it the most popular location which our customers place their neon signs. It’ll be one of the first things that greets you and your guests so opt for larger neon signs in the living room to create that WOW factor.  Refer to picture above. We would recommend placing the neon above a seating area to create a “instagrammable” spot at home!

Study Room Neon Size Guide

Add a little glow for that extra push you need to hustle. We would recommend a smaller sized neon sign in the study room area. Get your favourite inspirational quote in neon for your quaint little study space. Neon signs are not just aesthetic, they also provide additional lighting in your study space!

Office Neon Size Guide

Neon signs in the office are so in trend! It is sure to light up the mood and aesthetics of the office space. With a larger space, you can afford to get a larger neon sign and have it featured in the entrance, pantry, or just anywhere as office decor.

Wherever you wish to place your customized neon sign, here at LUCKYNEON, we here to guide you on the suitable heights and widths perfect for your space. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the LuckyNeon Team at