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    The History and Fascinating Anecdotes of Nightclub Neon Signs

    In the 1920s, neon signs were not the only type of electric sign. But they were the most popular and most effective form of advertising. Neon signs were not used for just any kind of advertising, but they were mostly used to advertise nightclubs in New York City. The first nightclub neon sign was created in 1923 and it was a simple “Coney Island” sign that went up on a rooftop in Manhattan.The history and anecdotes behind night club neon signs is an interesting topic for many people because it is so unique.

    In the 1940s, a man named John T. Frye was the general manager of a small business called the "Fre Electric Company" in Oklahoma. After seeing and admiring neon signs at a local gas station, he started to experiment with this new form of electric illumination by using it to light up the company's name.

    This is how nightclub neon signs came to be - they were born out of experimentation and inspiration.


    Neon Signs of the Night: A Geek's Guide to the Best Signs in the World

    Neon is the only element that emits light when it's electrified. It was discovered in 1898 by Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers. One of the most iconic uses of neon is the red, green, and blue signs that we see all over our cities.Neon signs are an important part of the culture in many cities. They are a way to advertise businesses and also create iconic landmarks.


    Why Need A Night Club Neon Signs?

    A neon sign can be a great way to advertise a night club and attract customers. Neon signs are known for being eye-catching and attention-grabbing, and a neon sign that advertises your club can be an effective way to draw people in. Additionally, a neon sign can add a fun and unique touch to your club's decor, and may even become a conversation piece for your customers. Overall, a neon sign can be a useful marketing tool and a fun addition to your club's atmosphere.




    LED NEON LIGHT: Our tube made of flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside, this neon sign is light, durable and safe; No heat, no noise and eco-friendly.

    BACKING: Transparent acrylic (by default) in 5mm. Optional color backing black/colored (extra charge).

    LED NEON JACKET: White jacket (Turn off display White)  / Colored jacket (Turn off display colored)

    VOLTAGE: 12V (by default); Transformer compatible according to the country of your choice 

    CABLE LENGTH: Transparent cable approx 2m long (from LED sign).A/C Power cord approx. 1.5m long ( from transformer)

    PLUG: EU / UK / AU / US Plug

    DIMMER: Optional (extra charge), for brightness control, on/off, timer.

    WARRANTY:  1 year 



    Easy to install. Mounting (on wall ) or Hanging by ropes ( on ceiling ) ;
    Installation Kits are included with every piece, or you can add command stripes to your order at checkout. Choose where you want it, hang it up and plug it in!

    More Question about installastion, contact us at : 


    Why Choose LuckyNeon Company?

    How much does a Custom Neon sign cost?

    Neon Sign cost varies depending on sign size and design complexity. Our custom made neon signs are very affordable with our factory price that others can not beat.

    Why custom neon signs form LuckyNeon cheaper?

    LuckyNeon is a neon sign manufacturer which have branches in China, Unite States and UK. We can custom neon signs for you with factory price.

    Is LuckyNeon light signs safe?

    Yes, our neon signs are handmade with LED flex neon light, do not contain gas or mercury, work with 12 Volt DC Power Supplies Adapters, no risk when the light turn on. There is no glass in our neon signs. The LED Neon will not overheat and more energy efficient than traditional glass neon signs. 

     What Neon light color can I choose?

    We have a total of 25 colors to choose from. 11 of these are white when the sign is turned off and colored when the sign is switched on. The remaining 10 colors come with a jacket which is a cover that goes over the tube so that even when the sign is turned off it still shows its color (just not as bright).

    If you want to keep a certain color when the neon lights are off, you can choose orange, baby pink, green, hot pink, blue, red, purple, lemon yellow, ice blue, yellow, warm white. If you need a white jacket when the logo is off, we suggest you can choose white orange, white yellow, white pink, white green, white blue, cold white, white red.