Neon Signs For Garden

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    Show off your green thumb with the most in-demand sign of the season, a custom neon sign. Let everyone know you're a proud gardener with your own custom made, one-of-a-kind neon sign. Not only is it easy to create and affordable, but our product is guaranteed to be right for your home or business.It can be more than home decor or a cute accent for a kids room, why not use a custom neon sign in your garden too?

    Use Custom Neon Signs on A Garden Wall

    On an outdoor wall, fence or another flat surface, you can use neon signs to spell out secret messages for your loved ones, words like “LOVE” or “KEEP OUT.”

    This would be especially beautiful in the evening when the neon lights are on. This custom neon sign next to your pool area would look great at night and it’s also a romantic idea that your friends might want to copy too! Neon signs can also be used to decorate or accentuate parts of your house like the front door for example.

    Use LED Neon Signs Near A Fountain

    You can also use neon signs near water features in your garden. Water features and fountains look amazing with a neon sign nearby. A light-on “N” could be used near the pond or if you love entertaining you can add an illuminated “SUMMER” to your patio area.

    The double effect of using neon signs in your garden is that during the day they act as cute garden ornaments but at night when the neon lights are turned on, it creates a wonderful ambience that will enhance any outdoor gathering.

    Use A Neon Light at Night

    Neon signs are perfect for creating an interesting night scene in your garden. Just imagine stringing up lots of tiny lights around the “DREAM” sign you used earlier. The combination of tiny white lights added to a custom neon sign would make any garden look magical at night. Add some flowers, a couple of potted plants and a patio set and you can watch movies outdoors comfortably, with a chilled neon atmosphere.

    Use A Neon Sign to Show Where the Garden is

    Neon signs can be used to point out interesting locations in your garden. If you have a hidden seating area, a neon arrow sign could lead your guests down a winding path to their special place. This is also true for children’s play areas! You could add an arrow and the words “PLAY AREA” near where your children play.

    Use Neon Light Signs Amongst the Plants

    Neon signs are great for adding personality to your house and garden. They come in many shapes, colours and sizes so you can be creative when selecting them for your courtyard or front lawn! Remember that neon lights do not need to be turned on all of the time; they will look beautiful during the day as an ornament but will also add an amazing touch when the lights are turned on at night.

    Add Some Cool Art to Your Garden Themes

    If you’re planning on hosting a garden party anytime soon, use custom neon signs to spell out some cool phrases or fun words. You can even go as far as spelling out the name of your party theme and light them up at night! Go ahead and create your own neon sign masterpiece for your garden. Using a neon sign to spell out the theme of your party would also be a fantastic idea. For example, if you’re having a Hawaiian-themed pool party, spell out “ALOHA” and light it up at night!

    For an Outdoor Tea Party in Your Garden

    An outdoor “TEA PARTY” sign would make a great addition to any garden party. If you’re having a Victorian, English country garden themed party, for example, this could be an ideal way to bring that theme into your outdoor area. You could even make a custom sign with the name of your garden party and light it up at night.

    Neon signs bring a touch of magic to any garden and will make you and your guests feel like they’re in another world. Get ready to upgrade your home or garden with a custom neon sign from LuckyNeon.