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    Why Create a Stunning LED Word Lights for Your Home Or Business

    LED word lights neon signs are a type of neon sign that uses LED technology to create a glowing effect in the shape of letters or words. They are often used for advertising or decorative purposes and can be hung on walls, displayed in windows, or placed on tabletop stands.

    One of the main benefits of LED word lights neon signs is their energy efficiency. LED lights use significantly less electricity than traditional neon signs, which can result in lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. They are also longer-lasting and require less maintenance, as they do not have the same issues with neon gas leakage or breakage of glass tubes.

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    In addition to their energy efficiency, LED word lights neon signs are also highly customizable. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and fonts, allowing businesses to choose the look and feel that best fits their brand. They can also be programmed to display different patterns or effects, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

    LED word lights neon signs are also durable and suitable for outdoor use. They are resistant to water, moisture, and extreme temperatures, making them a long-lasting option for businesses. They are also much lighter in weight than traditional neon signs, which makes them easier to install and transport.

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    LED word lights neon signs are becoming increasingly popular for advertising and decor due to their energy efficiency, customization options, and durability. They are a modern and cost-effective alternative to traditional neon signs that can help businesses to stand out and attract attention.



    • LED NEON LIGHT: Our tube made of flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside, this neon sign is light, durable and safe; No heat, no noise and eco-friendly.
    • BACKING: Transparent acrylic (by default) in 5mm. Optional color backing black/colored (extra charge).
    • LED NEON JACKET: White jacket (Turn off display White)  / Colored jacket (Turn off display colored)
    • VOLTAGE: 12V (by default); Transformer compatible according to the country of your choice 
    • CABLE LENGTH: Transparent cable approx 2m long (from LED sign).A/C Power cord approx. 1.5m long ( from transformer)
    • PLUG: EU / UK / AU / US Plug
    • DIMMER: Optional (extra charge), for brightness control, on/off, timer.
    • WARRANTY:  1 year 


    Easy to install. Mounting (on wall ) or Hanging by ropes ( on ceiling ) ;
    Installation Kits are included with every piece, or you can add command stripes to your order at checkout. Choose where you want it, hang it up and plug it in!

    More Question about installastion, contact us at :  hello@luckyneon.com